We firmly hold the belief, that Switzerland possesses all the requirements to one day be a major actor in the Food- and Agro-Tech sector: highly attractive economic conditions, a very developed and advanced educational system with many institutions of higher education which are highly regarded all over the world, excellent infrastructure, a political system which actively encourages and supports innovation, great general conditions in the field of intellectual property, a very high innovational capability as well as the general attractiveness of Switzerland as a location for foreign companies, experts and scientists.

The development of new products and services in the fields of Food- and Agro-Tech should carry a high importance in policy-making as well as in the private economy, this notion is supported by indicators such as the global political landscape, the growing focus on SDG goals as well as a changing behaviour in consumers, indicators which show us that action has to be taken and that the encouragements of new products and methods in the food sector would offer the opportunity to differentiate on a global scale as well as lower the dependance on foreign markets which are becoming increasingly volatile.