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Chapter 3 of the Articles of Association: MEMBERSHIP


Article 4

Natural or legal persons capable of acting, including public institutions, may be admitted as members. Membership is neither alienable nor heritable.

Article 5

The application for admission to the Association shall be addressed to its President. The Executive Committee shall decide on the admission of new members at its own discretion. It may refuse admission without giving reasons.

Persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Association or the purpose of the Association may be appointed honorary members by the General Assembly. The appointment by the General Assembly shall be made on the basis of a justified proposal by the Executive Board.

Article 6

The Association may levy annual membership fees, the amount of which shall be determined in accordance with Article 10 lit. g by the General Assembly of Members on the proposal of the Board.

Voluntary contributions in excess of these membership fees shall be accepted as donations. The General Assembly may establish donor categories for different donation amounts.

Honorary members as defined in Article 5, paragraph 2, shall be exempt from payment of a membership fee but shall have all the rights of membership.

Article 7

Membership entitles the holder to attend the Association’s events.

Article 8

The resignation of members may be declared by written notice to the Executive Committee, observing a notice period of one month for the end of the current financial year, i.e. 31 December. The declaration of resignation does not release the member from the fulfilment of the financial obligations for the current association year.

Membership shall cease upon death or loss of legal personality.

By unanimous decision of the Executive Board, members may be expelled from the Association by written notice to the person concerned without stating the reasons. The exclusion shall become effective if the excluded member does not appeal in writing to the General Assembly within 10 days of receipt of the written notification by the Executive Committee. In this case, the General Assembly shall make the final decision on the exclusion. The member to be expelled shall be heard by the General Assembly.